We make your worn or vintage brake rotors look and perform better than new!

Motorcycle Brake Rotor Resurfacing

We resurface/refinish all types of BRAKE ROTORS as well as FLYWHEELS for Motorcycles, cars, ATV’s, and many other types of rotors. Save money and the life of your old rotor by having us resurface and smooth out the grooves before your rotor is overused and thin. We repair rotors to look brand new, and often they perform better than new.  If your rotors are beyond repair, they will be returned to you at no charge other than the cost of shipping. Want to talk about it first? Got a micrometer and know how to use it? Measure the thickness of your existing rotors and we may be able to provide you some guidance before you even ship them to us.

Our proprietary grinding process is very different than motorcycle brake rotor turning or motorcycle brake rotor machining which, in our experience, is a bad idea for thin motorcycle rotors, as it subjects  the rotor to excessive localized heat which can warp a motorcycle rotor very quickly. Our grinding process will leave your rotors truly FLAT with both surfaces PARALLEL, with an optimum crosshatch pattern that requires NO BREAK-IN with new brake pads. Older brake pads that have bedded-in to your previously-worn rotors should ideally be replaced to restore better-than-new performance, but they will bed in very quickly to your resurfaced rotors as well.

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TrueDisk, LLC
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Unlike machining or 'cutting' rotors, our special grinding process CAN BE USED ON STAINLESS STEEL ROTORS, and in fact it is the only process that will restore their surface and braking performance. This is especially valuable to owners and restorers of older classic bikes where replacement parts are either scarce or non-existent.  For your safety and ours, we will only resurface to the manufacturer’s minimum specification of thickness (or above). If upon inspection we determine that we cannot safely restore your rotors, we will contact you to discuss the disposal or return of the parts to you, at your option.

We do offer drilling for cooling purposes and looks @ $45.00 per rotor and pending on amount of holes drilled might be extra after standard drilling.

Motorcycle disk refinish/resurface is $45 per rotor, Floating rotor's add $5.00 due to setup.(plus return shipping to you). International customers please contact us via email for an estimate on return shipping before shipping your rotors so we can charge you appropriately. For all other types of rotors, please call us for a price. Local customers are welcome to drop off their parts and we can even arrange for while-you-wait service (by appointment), but please call ahead for an appointment.  We take pride in our fast turnaround and will get your parts back to you in a timely fashion. During normal work periods, we will typically have your rotors on their way back to you within 48 hours or less

Don't let another day go by allowing your untrue rotor surface to get worse.