2. If you have access to a micrometer, you can measure the thickness of your rotors to see if they have enough material for us to safely grind them, and still leave them above the manufacturer's minimum tolerance. Measure in several locations within the area 'swept' by the brake pads, and if in doubt record several measurements, but the thinnest is the one that is most critical. For your own safety and well-being we will not exceed this tolerance. You can find the minimum thickness for your rotors online or in your shop manual, and quite often it will be stamped into the center carrier of the rotor too. We remove very little material with what we do for most of the rotors we work on, but we do need some to work with. Again, any questions, give us a shout. IMPORTANT! Do NOT disassemble full-floating rotors! We need the entire rotor assembly to do our work - the rotor, the carrier and the 'pins' that the rotors float on.

3. Let us know they're coming! Drop a line or use the contact form, before you ship, tell us what you've got, and we'll give you an idea about turnaround and discuss payment.

4. Pack them up and ship them! The best deal we've found is a US Postal Service Medium Flat Rate Box, which they will give you for free. Wrap the rotors in bubble wrap or other cushioning and do not sandwich them directly touching each other! Take up any extra space in the box with peanuts or packing material, and wrap a couple of loops of packing tape in both directions after sealing the box. This box costs $13.45 to ship (plus insurance, if you desire it), and usually arrives in 2-3 days from within the continental USA. TAPE THE BOX WELL. Rotors are heavy and you don't want the box popping open.

5. After we do our magic, we'll send you an invoice via PayPal for payment, including return shipping charges, at cost. You do not need a PayPal account in order to pay us through their site, they accept most major credit cards, it's safe and secure. You can elect to prepay with a check when you ship, but in the event that we can't fix your rotors, this can be more cumbersome than letting us invoice you when we're finished. Most orders are completed within 48 (business) hours of arriving here, but if you need it sooner and we can do it, we will always try. Just let us know.

6. Reinstall according to your manufacturer's shop manual, paying careful attention to recommended tightening sequence, torque values for the fasteners, and clean up and reapplication of thread locking compounds. SOME MANUFACTURERS SPECIFY NO REUSE OF FASTENERS. Read your service manual and follow what it says carefully. These are your brakes we're talking about here.

7. While your bike is apart, it's a good idea to remove your brake pads, and either replace them with new ones, or if there's plenty of pad left, clean them very well with aerosol brake cleaner, and then lightly sand them by putting a sheet of 80-grit sandpaper on a flat surface, and then rubbing the pad surface on it in a circular motion, to flatten the pads and expose fresh pad material. Do clean them FIRST though, and blow off the sand paper frequently as you go. Personal protection is always a good idea when working with aerosol solvents and sandpaper.

Enjoy your freshened rotors!

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1. First off, take a careful look at your rotors, to see if there is any damage that might prevent us resurfacing them. Deep gouges or cracks will probably make your rotors unrepairable. If you're in doubt, give us a call or send an email with what you found (or a photo) and we'll help you figure it out.

IMPORTANT! Be very careful while removing wheels and handling rotors that you do not damage them! NEVER rest a wheel with the rotor touching anything, including the floor, the wall, the workbench. The best way to handle a motorcycle wheel with the rotor on it is to rest it on another dismounted tire while you remove the rotors. Be careful not to scratch your wheels while handling them too.

Motorcycle rotors are precision made, and can bend and be damaged very easily. Handle them with care, pack them carefully, and never let them rest against each other without padding in between.

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